Fairmont United Community Church
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The Fairmont Memorial Garden was created to honour and remember members of the congregation who have passed away.  Family and/or friends have lovingly donated funds to be used towards the  planting of a lifelong tribute to their loved ones. 






In Memorium


It is with sad hearts that we announce the closing of our beloved Church, Fairmont United Community Church, as of June 30, 2019.

For 59 years it has been our great honour to serve and lead our community in worship and fellowship.  As well, we have been able to donate to many charities both locally and worldwide through the generous contributions of our Congregation and neighbourhood friends.

Many thanks to each and every one of you who has attended our services, come to our Christmas Bazaars and Summer Thrift Sales, enjoyed the talent and joy in our Fridays at Fairmont Concerts and made us a part of your community.

Our hearts and gratitude go out to all of you.  

"May the blessings of  God be upon you.

May His peace abide with you.

May His presence illuminate your life.

Now and forever more. "

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