Fairmont United Community Church
The Friendly Church On The Corner


The United Church Women (UCW) is a group of ladies who get together for fellowship on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm.  Our mission is to unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church.

Day:          The first Tuesday of each month

Time:        1:00pm

Place:        Fairmont Church

We encompass all ages and all women are welcome whether they are regular   adherents of Fairmont or not.  

          Programs include...

                          * interesting speakers

                          *activities that will appeal to every aspect of daily life

                          * coffee/tea time.  


  Our aim is to be a supportive, caring and welcoming group of women.  

             UCW is known for its work in the church including


                                           *a boutique

                                           *assistance with luncheons

                                           *uniting to make Fairmont a more interesting and pleasant place

We attempt to follow Christ's teaching in caring for the immediate and anticipated needs of the Fairmont family whatever

of the Fairmont Family, whatever and whenever that need may be.


Ladies of the UCW



                      UCW EXECUTIVE

  President                   Marion Morjaen

  Vice President          Dolores Wilson

  Secretary                    Connie Jervis

  Treasurer                   Joan Irwin