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Fairmont United Community Church

29 Tweedsmuir Ave.

London, ON

N5W 1K6



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Church Directory 

Church Office                                                        519-455-7630

Administrative Asst. and Web Design             Gail Shearer             fairmontunitedchurch.ca


Concert Tickets                                                    Roger Morjaen          519-453-6709   

Room Rentals   (See below for details)          Joan Irwin                  joan.irwin.232@hotmail.com

Integrated Board Chair                                      Lillian Cree                519-649-2930 or lilliancree@sympatico.ca

Finance                                                                  John Cree                   519-649-2930 or johncree@icloud.com

Treasurer                                                              Jan Millar                   519-451-8800 or janetlmillar@yahoo.ca

Property Managers                                            Dennis Murray            519-668-1396 or dmlmurray@multiboard.com

                                                                               Bob Hunter                  519-457-1419  - hunter@isp.ca

Outreach and Benevolence                            Donna Newcombe

UCW                                                                     Marion Morjaen         519-453-6709

Church Life and Work                                      Jayne Ball                      519-453-0534



Fairmont United Community Church has a large Education Wing which may be rented for your favourite occasion...

                      * Wedding Receptions

                      * Anniversary Celebrations

                      * Baby Showers

                      * Funeral Receptions

                      * Christmas Parties

                      * Family Celebrations...

Our facility will accommodate 150-175 people.  Tables and chairs are available.  Kitchen facilities are also available for food preparation and serving, if needed.

For more details and to book this room contact...

Janet Millar at 519-451-8800  or  janetlmillar@yahoo.ca



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